Urban Pakistan: Frames for Reading and Imagining Urbanism Khalid W Bajwa

ISBN: 9780199063376

Published: December 31st 2013


550 pages


Urban Pakistan: Frames for Reading and Imagining Urbanism  by  Khalid W Bajwa

Urban Pakistan: Frames for Reading and Imagining Urbanism by Khalid W Bajwa
December 31st 2013 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 550 pages | ISBN: 9780199063376 | 8.11 Mb

There is a noticeable absence of compiled works on Pakistani Urbanism. Urban Pakistan not only seeks to fill this gap but also selectively attempts to update the state of the art and thus sets the platform for further works. It provides an essential resource for the fields of urban studies, sociology, anthropology, history, analysis, design, planning, management, and policy.

This book epitomises the search for a valid position on Urbanism within the context of the enigmatic development of the cities of Pakistan, both big and small. It seeks to unravel the confusion emanating from unfulfilled planning ambitions for over six decades now. While it is an attempt to present urban environments as layered precipitates of civilisation, they are discussed as instrumentalities and support infrastructures of cultural practices. Urban Pakistan synthesises important but dispersed writings and their associated bibliographies, and identifies gaps that are patched by new works.

It is a resource which will enable deeper investigations and will be of value to academics and researchers in these fields. The writings are arranged under four frames - 1: Enterprise and Invention, 2: Space and Everyday, 3: Image and Culture, 4: Identity and Politics - in order to demonstrate their overall significance and also outline the issues surrounding each frame.

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